• février 2017
    IBS IMC-200 reaches China

    As the first Chinese IMC-200 ion implanter is now in production at Xi’An Jiaotong University, IBS enters a market that represents more than 75% of the yearly worldwide sales of advanced semiconductor equipments. With already 80% of IBS business made overseas,  this sale is the first step towards IBS goal to double its turnover within the next 4 years in terms of equipment sales.

    A 400 kV SiC ion implanter, from the new FLEXion® line of advanced implantation tools, is to be delivered in April in China.

  • février 2017
    PULSION® SOLAR PIII system hits the market

    As the result of a strong collaboration between IBS and CEA (French Atomic Energy research center), the first IBS PULSION® SOLAR PIII system is fully operational at INES (National Institute for Solar Energy) research facilities since January 2017.
    The latest model of IBS PULSION® PIII systems, the  PULSION® SOLAR implanter, addresses two main challenges of solar energy development: Cost of production for high yield photovoltaic cells, and improvement of their performances.

  • février 2016
    PIII implantation PULSION® Family IBS

    IBS announces a sale of its latest PULSION® HP tool 300mm immersion plasma tool.
    The purchase order was from an undisclosed leading semiconductor company in the USA.
    Moreover, IBS confirms the success of PULSION® Nano product line with the delivery of 3 new equipments.

  • février 2016
    A new IMC with wide temperature range of implantation

    The latest IMC model sold to a Research Center in Germany enlarges the implantation temperature range.
    Indeed, thanks to this tool regulated, cryo implantation is now possible down to
    -100°C (material modification/layer engineering).
    High temperature implantations are also achievable up to +600°C on the same platform!

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