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IBS partner in SUPERTHEME project
November 2012

Circuit Stability Under Process Variability
and Electro-Thermal-Mechanical Coupling

The SUPERTHEME consortium will address and remove the most problematic weaknesses which limit the use of current simulation software to study the influence of both systematic and stochastic process variability and its interaction with electro-thermo-mechanical effects.

Within this Framework, IBS will focus on process variability of beam line and plasma immersion ion implantations.

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Pulsion: PIII System made by IBS
December 2012

A new Pulsion tool has been delivered to a well-known and major European Research Institute.

This Pulsion Nano is configured in 20 kV energy, with a 6+1 lines gas box and can run from  4" to 12" wafer size with semi-automated handing system.

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New equipment services available
December 2012

HYT particle counters
In-house service program to extend the lifetime of this unit.

The IBS Flight tube for Applied MaterialsTM:
A  plug and play  solution to replace the original OEM part.

Motech TM” Motor controllers used on Applied  MaterialsTM:
Both new, refurbished, service exchange and repair services

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